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ABF Franck Muller V45 blue yacht


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ABF Franck Muller V45 blue yacht. 44x54mm.
1. The case is 100% original mold-opened sandwich structure. The blue side groove on the inner side of the case and the blue ear position protruding from the head position make the production process of the case more difficult, and it took more than 10 months to go through multiple first editions. The proofreading has finally been successfully developed and produced. It is completely made of 316 stainless steel instead of low-cost plastic molds in the market.
2. Literally every letter is made of the original 1:1 height digital concave edge filled with oil. The real cost is high and the production is complicated and the yield is low. There is a magnifying glass on the lower layer, and the gasket layer. The calendar window also uses a sapphire magnifying glass. It is always consistent with the original and can be used universally. Keep improving.
3. The original uses ETA7753 movement. The problem of high anti-revision rate. The seagull 7750 movement with more stable performance is adopted to achieve the thickness of the case consistent with the original one. The accessories can be used for universal adjustment of the calendar, which is more convenient. It is more convenient to wear and restores the original version to the maximum extent. The folding snap button is the same as the original version. Accurate needle position requires the best watchmaker to control the needle High precision work takes a lot of time ! The color of the outside market version is not the same as the original.

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ABF Franck Muller V45 blue yacht
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