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APS Law Mulan FM LONG ISLAND series ladies watch


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APS Franck Muller FM LONG ISLAND Ladies Watch

【Production Highlights】

1. Size 45×26mm, 316L stainless steel arch Shaped case, decorated with a circle of top-level Swarovski, good polishing technology can make Swarovski have a higher refractive index than natural diamonds, making it look more “sparkling” to the naked eye. More importantly, there are a total of 74 top-level Swarovski crystals on the watch head and buckle, all of which are inlaid by hand. Each crystal is firmly “caught” with four metal claws. The claws allow the diamond to expose more refraction surfaces, making the overall look and feel better.

2. The literal use of natural mother-of-pearl material to carefully adjust the color, and finally confirmed after many attempts

3. The movement uses the original Swiss custom movement imported by Franck Muller at any cost .

4. Franck Muller Long Island series watches are paired with three-color American crocodile pattern straps, which are soft and chic, and perfectly match the bold and aesthetically pleasing watch head.

APS makes watches with heart and starts from the details.

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APS Law Mulan FM LONG ISLAND series ladies watch
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