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BL Rolex “Rainbow Circle” Daytona Series


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BL Rolex “Rainbow Circle” Daytona series

[New Rolex Rainbow Di, no longer unattainable] BL factory is dedicated to building, for To achieve the original effect of the Rainbow Daytona we want, it is heavily invested in R&D and meticulously crafted. The special effects of gold crystals on the three independent chronograph dials are all unique. The charming reflective effect and magnificent colors fully demonstrate the graceful structure of gold crystals. , each piece is a natural masterpiece of art. The color of the golden crystal chronograph dial is in sharp contrast with the black dial, and it complements the color of the gemstones. With the diamond-studded hour markers and gold hands, the entire dial is full of brilliance and the overall beauty is overwhelming.

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BL Rolex “Rainbow Circle” Daytona Series
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