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    BT Rolex Daytona Cosmochrono series

    Rolex Daytona produced by BT factory (better factory) fully equipped list:

    1. The thickness of the Daytona 4130 movement watch of BT factory is 12.2mm according to the latest watch in 2022, and the old model is 12.4mm. Other versions of the 7750 fake plywood movement in the market can reduce the thickness of the movement by lowering the needle bar. The stability is extremely poor, and it cannot be consistent with the original product.

    2. The original super 4130 movement (synchronous with the original full function), the back splint is more bright with engraving and electroplating fonts.

    3. The steel belt adopts the original AR factory. Secondly, the clasp is upgraded again in proportion.

    4. The case is processed with the latest version of 2022, which will not fade for 10 years and is gold-plated. Update and upgrade the size of the polished and bright surface of the bottom cover and the radian of the tooth edge.

    5. A full set of improved buff original replacement hands, three small second hands and a large second hand, are all custom-made according to a single piece with a solid needle cover, and the needle cap is in the shape of a mushroom head.

    6. The Cerachrom ceramic ring is upgraded with platinum-coated gold film, and the characters remain unchanged, and the font thickness is updated.

    7. Literally compared with the latest version of 2022 white noodles, Swiss ink and Korean ceramics are used to prepare and polish to achieve a thick texture of pure milky white and no color difference from the original version.

    8. Each scale word nail is carved by CNC independently, and the edge of each grain is hand-polished. The luminous use of Swiss luminous powder has no color difference with the genuine product. The end effect is the closest thing on the market to the original Luminous Vision.

    9. The glass is fully transparent sapphire, without edge vision. Only the details and workmanship of the BT factory are consistent with the genuine ones.

    With one watch, one yard and one card, it is the only one in the world.

    BT factory promises a thousand gold, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship that there is no best but better craftsmanship.

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BT Rolex Daytona Series
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