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Clean Rolex Platinum Blue ‘Ghost 116619 Series


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Clean RolexPlatinum Blue'Ghost 116619 Series

V5 version upgrade point of the whole line
1. Replace Dandong 3135 machine across the line The core movement is polished and upgraded. The movement structure is closer to the original
2. The outer ring rotation feels no longer rough
3. The white edge of the glass is corrected
4. The calendar font is corrected to prevent burrs and inkjet signs in the background color of the calendar
5. The strap is chamfered and polished More rounded
6. The opening and closing strength of the clasp/swing frame can reach the “electric suction door” spot, as smooth as silk. The real
clean v4 latest version blue circle Mouth exclusive clean version with blue circle/same as the original, showing blue-purple hand-polished three-dimensional hands/no need to replace substitute hands. Black-green/steel-colored water ghost, using the AR steel belt. cleanPlatinum steel strip/AR steel strip (exclusive three-stage splicing grain + side leak-proof steel)clean Self-developed blue dial full 904L material Maybe you get much more than you imagined… so stay tuned

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Clean Rolex Platinum Blue ‘Ghost 116619 Series
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