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Clean Rolex Submariner Series 126610LN (New Black Water Ghost)


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Clean Rolex Submariner Series 126610LV (New Green Water Ghost)

    Clean Factory/C Factory Rolex 126610 submariner black water ghost green water ghost 41mm

    1: Equipped with a one-to-one super 3235 integrated movement power 72 hours cardless movement decoration movement and its stability

    2: The whole watch is 904L stainless steel / with ar factory steel belt

    3: Dial use market Exclusive “Pot Lid Literal” design without faces and feet ps: the cost of faces and feet is much lower False comparison

    5: The only way to achieve the same color as pointer luminous/pin luminous is because they are all processed by a third-party factory + self-purchased Swiss c1+c3 luminous powder

    6: Word nail ip platinum electroplating

    7. The ceramic green circle uses the exclusive clean green circle v4 version and the color is infinitely close to the original clean ceramics Accessories do not need to go into details of high-quality symbols / beware of fake clean rings, pay attention to distinguishing

    8: Warm and moist as jade luminous beads immortal white clean ceramic ring + luminous beads perfect replica Although the style of clean is not There are many but almost all of them are high-quality goods, which completely solve the pain points of most water ghosts in the world.

    clean-submariner is only born for the ultimate

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Clean Rolex Submariner Series 126610LN (New Black Water Ghost)
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