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Diw Rolex Carbon Fiber Daytona


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Diw Rolex Carbon Fiber Daytona has updated 4 colors:
1. Desert Eagle Arabic (Desert Eagle Arabic): Inspired by the beautiful colors of the desert, the combination of Arabic scales and dark brown can make your body Immerse yourself in the desert.
2. Golden Essence (Golden Essence): Champagne gold dial with gold bezel and white quartz fiber shell.
3. Avia Gray: The theme of the gray dial is more interesting because the dial is also equipped with a 1-19 rangefinder scale. The biggest highlight of this model is that the 6-digit ✈️ second hand will keep turning. This is a new innovative attempts.
4. Cream Invert Gold (Cream Invert Gold): a custom-made model for suit thugs, with a black dial and champagne gold outer ring scale, highlighting simplicity and nobility.

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Diw Rolex Carbon Fiber Daytona
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