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DIW Rolex Submariner PARAKEET


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    ROLEX DIW Submariner PARAKEET new custom-made SUB water ghost, perfect presentation!
    1. Specially customized carbon fiber bezel and dial,
    DIW endows the water ghost with a different style, reflecting a new visual and tactile experience!
    2. After countless revisions, the three-dimensional lettering finally appeared, and the perfect ring with the outer shadow on the outside of the strip, and the super luminous beads that are warm and jade-like!
    3. The whole watch is made of 904L stainless steel, and the case and bracelet are specially sandblasted, with a gray matte treatment process, titanium metal texture, which is consistent with the genuine product
    4. Equipped with a brand new 3135 movement, the quality is stable, each The movement has been strictly tested, and the repair rate is low!
    DIWThe workmanship is perfect, almost to the extreme, welcome to taste!

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DIW Rolex Submariner PARAKEET
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