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EW Rolex day date type 36mm


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EW Rolex Datejust 36mm


The following key points have been upgraded:

1. Case diameter and 2019 The latest version of the 3255 series is consistent with 36mm.

2. The head of the strap is the same as the original one, 5 pieces are assembled, the difficulty is very high, the strap and the case are staggered and seamlessly connected.

3. Change the lower part of the head crown to two dots that are consistent with the original version.

4. The clasp is the same as the original version with a spring installed inside, and the font size and craftsmanship are the same as the original version.

5. The side of the case is consistent with the original version, adding a QR code for anti-counterfeiting, and the bottom cover has a QR code for inspection.

6. The body at the junction of the case and the strap is engraved with the same model number 128238 as the original version.

7. The inner shadow circle of the watch is engraved with the same product serial number as the warranty card, and it has achieved the same authentic one watch, one card and one code>

8. A full set of original set configurations are included (Warranty card, instruction manual, model barcode are consistent with the genuine product) The complete package is consistent with the genuine product (the real original one-to-one week calendar type on the market)

EW sincere work>

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EW Rolex day date type 36mm
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