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HB Hublot Big Bang Series


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HB Hublot Big Bang Series

HUBLOT HUBLOT —— Brave and Fearless, Fistful Attack, referred to as “HUB” and “Hengbao”, Big Bang Big Bang Element material chronograph v2 version

❶The case is made of imported titanium material with an explosive design.

❷ Equipped with 7750 modified “HUB1242” automatic movement timing instant start and one-button flyback to perfectly restore the original function Secondary weight gain and automatic swing to achieve more stable travel time and super Low repair rate.

❸The strap is made of natural oak rubber strap, super waterproof, soft and comfortable.

❹The mirror is made of natural sapphire glass, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, transparent and zero-flaw. A stroke of youthful vitality will feel the freedom of youth together with everyone! ! !

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HB Hublot Big Bang Series
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