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Jacob & Co. Jack Bao Celestial Series Xianglong Watch


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Jacob&Co. Celestial Series Xianglong Watch

Since ancient times, dragons have always existed in the spiritual world of human beings, and dragons represent rights and status. Jackbao presents the masterpiece Astronomia celestial body series watch Xianglong version, which vividly shows the mysterious body of the dragon. A powerful, lifelike dragon, meticulously hand-crafted, winds around the iconic biaxial tourbillon movement on the dial of the Celestial System. When you see this watch, it seems that you can’t fix your eyes on a certain point. The incredible Xianglong is quite eye-catching, and what can’t be ignored is the self-rotating tourbillon, as well as the rotating hand-painted magnesium earth and rotating 288 facets. gems. The dome-shaped mirror and 360-degree man-made crystal case make the entire movement and Xianglong sculpture inside it clearly visible! When you wear the Celestial Xianglong watch, you will be addicted to it, an obsessive wrist experience. Big gift for new product rush purchase: a pair of calfskin belts, a folding buckle, and an exquisite gift box. Limited quantity, while supplies last!

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Jacob & Co. Jack Bao Celestial Series Xianglong Watch
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