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N Rolex gold water ghost bag 18k real gold


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N Rolex Jinshui ghost package 18k real gold + 904 steel. Equipped with the original copy cal.3135 mechanical movement, the stainless steel part is made of 904 steel, and each part of the strap has grains: the components of the head grain, the middle bead of the belt, and each beer handle (referring to the bead on both sides of the first section when the head grain comes down) From the beginning to the removal of raw belt grains), the removal of raw belt grains (referring to the belt beads with screw holes on both sides, which can be disassembled and adjusted in length) is first made into a strip of steel about 2 meters long according to its shape and through multiple processes. (Of course there is a margin for processing and grinding), and then use a high-precision automatic cutting CNC machine to cut each tape to the required size, and then carry out the drilling process, such as the holes on both sides of the bead in the tape body, the factory requires Make a round hole in the hole, so that the steel residue in the hole will fall clean, so as to maintain the softness of the strap. The threaded teeth with the body also use the imported “tooth tapping” car to remove the screw teeth, so that each screw can be matched and locked smoothly. And each watch strap grain is polished in parts and then assembled after the finished product. After the assembly is complete, use precision fixtures to assist in grinding out the slope on both sides. It is especially important to mention that the Rolex crown LOGO on the steel buckle is carved with high-speed precision CNC, which is consistent with the original version! It should also be noted that the multi-angular surface and the turning circle of the watch are all cut with a special “diamond knife” to keep the groove and surface smooth.

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N Rolex gold water ghost bag 18k real gold
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