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TW Rolex Daytona series 116598 RBOW watch


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TW Rolex Daytona series 116598 RBOW watch

When the watch meets the rainbow, luxury and beauty collide–TW new cosmic chronograph Daytona 904L steel watch rainbow di The latest design of this design combines high technology with extraordinary beauty.

【Case】The size is 40mm, and the case is made of a solid 904L steel.

[Circle mouth] The mosaic is optimized according to the most coordinated 36 gemstones with the most coordinated color gradient transition of the original factory. The height and angle are consistent, and the refraction effect is very beautiful. 【Face Dial】Literally, each chronograph dial is refracted by different light, the color is bright and bright, and the position of the small eye is aligned with the original one, which is unique.

[Mirror surface] The mirror surface is made of sapphire crystal, which is not easy to scratch.

The watch is equipped with a folding clasp, which is also made of 904L steel, and the clasp has a fine-tuning device, which can be adjusted to fit the wrist very well.

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TW Rolex Daytona series 116598 RBOW watch
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