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WWF Hublot Big Bang Series – Tattoo Watch


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WWF Hublot Big Bang Series-Tattoo Watch

WWF’s new upgraded version, Hublot Big Bang Series-Tattoo Watch! The original 1:1 mold opening took two years to build! Case: The size is 45mm, a major breakthrough in technology, the only matching titanium metal case in the industry, most of the versions in the market are steel cases, there are as many as a dozen case molds, and the quick-release buttons can only be consistent with the original after numerous data calibrations The pressing feel is precise and smooth!
Strap: Synchronized with the original and consistent quick-release strap, the head of the strap adopts a rubberized process, which makes it difficult for the strap and the head to be easily separated, greatly extending the life of the strap. The inner rubber outer skin is comfortable and close to the hand! Clasp: The only company in the industry that synchronizes the original quick-release clasp, 1:1 mold opening, and dozens of clasp molds! The buckle material is as original as the original, made of titanium! Comprehensive: Every part of the whole watch is molded by the original 1:1, the number of molds is 26 pieces, the complexity of the process is second to none in the industry, all functions are synchronized with the original, the original titanium case and buckle, the steel case version that breaks the market, and the weight is heavy It will be light and comfortable to wear when it is removed from the shelf! Yubo tattoos, piercing people’s hearts.

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WWF Hublot Big Bang Series – Tattoo Watch
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