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WWF New Product Launch: Rolex Carbon Fiber Daytona Series


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WWF new product release: Rolex carbon fiber Daytona series, the same weight, same material, and same size as the original, a perfect replica of the original version, carbon shell, carbon back cover, carbon buttons, twin ears, the only matching version in the market, and a variety of colors to meet your various needs. [Case] Made of carbon fiber material, light and comfortable to wear, each watch has a unique carbon fiber pattern. Because the carbon fiber material is very hard, the loss of the case during the CNC molding process is also very large! [Mirror] Double-sided electroplating high-transparency film technology is used to increase the transparency of the entire sapphire mirror by 50%; a good mirror can improve the texture of the entire watch! [Literal] The style is novel, and each nail scale is chamfered and polished to enhance the texture and gloss of the literal! [Strap] Made of natural rubber, it is comfortable to wear, the texture is soft and very close to the hand, and the stitching of the strap matches the color of the literal, completely matching the original! [Movement] The precise and mature Shanghai 7750 chronograph movement is adopted, and the functions are synchronized with the original ones!

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WWF New Product Launch: Rolex Carbon Fiber Daytona Series
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