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ZF Breitling Super Ocean, a fiery presentation. The cool titanium alloy case shows the masculine charm of the brand. [Case] 43mm matches the original size. The color of the luminous bead on the bezel is the same as that of the genuine one. A piece of sapphire crystal glass is inlaid on the outside of the luminous bead. [Dial] The calendar font and the logo on the dial are superimposed and printed, and there will be a slight bulge when viewed from the side. The background color texture of the disk has been filtered and corrected countless times to ensure that it is 100% consistent with the original. The Breitling metal LOGO on it is molded separately, and both the three-dimensional sense and the roundness can be compared with the original one. [Mirror] Curved sapphire crystal glass, double-sided light blue high-transparency coating, the effect will never be doubled, [Movement] Original ETA2824 movement, consistent with the genuine product.

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ZF Breitling Superocean
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