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ZF Tudor Biwan series M79733N watch


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ZF Tudor Biwan series M79733N watch

ZF produced a new inter-gold Tudor 2018 Basel new product< br/>

[Case] The diameter of the watch is 41mm. Angular and masculine. From the use of CNC machine tools to cut the casting blank to forming, and finally adding mirror polishing and matte brushing to polish the original version, each ZF finished case needs to go through more than a dozen processes and cooperate with various grinding equipment tools and accessories. Only then can the [dial] be completed. The shiny golden radiating dial is consistent with the original one. The LOGO and English adopt superimposed printing technology. It is simple to say but the yield is very low. The superimposed printing is to overlap and print multiple times on the original basis. During the period, it is not allowed to print crooked or blurred unevenly, so that the logo letters are slightly raised, which is exquisite and extraordinary [Mirror] ZF uses the same sapphire material as the original, with double-layer anti-vertigo ultra-transparent coating on the inside and outside. Under certain angles, you will find The glass is gone [steel belt] brand new design, the chain links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivets, and the structure is stepped, which greatly increases the difficulty. ZF closely follows the footsteps of genuine products, perfect reproduction (can be used with the original)

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ZF Tudor Biwan series M79733N watch
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