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ABF Franck Muller V45 yacht series


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ABF Franck Muller V45 Yacht Series

1. The case is 100% original mold opening, especially the sandwich structure case 44×54 mm middle inner blue side The slot and the protruding blue lugs of the crown make the production process of the case more difficult. After more than 10 months and many times of first edition proofreading, the research and development is finally successful. It is completely made of 316 stainless steel instead of low-cost plastic molds in the market.

2. This version of the V45 Blue Yacht uses the original 1:1 height digital concave inner francs to bake the real francs. The cost is high and the production is complicated and the yield rate The lower layer has a magnifying glass gasket layer. The calendar window also uses a sapphire magnifying glass. It is always consistent with the original and can be used universally. Keep improving.
3. The ultra-large arc ultra-high-definition light-transmitting sapphire crystal glass is made of a whole piece of sapphire material with a thickness of 40*50mm and a thickness of more than 15mm. % according to the radian of the case, the scrap rate is high, the scrap rate is very low, and the yield rate is very low The pin buckle clasp is more convenient to wear. The original light shell version uses a folding snap button that is consistent with the original version.

5. The curved hands and the literal fit match the high frequency The ETA2824 movement with an amplitude of 28800 is precise and stable in quality. The curved case design that fits closely to the wrist The V45 blue yacht strap that can be used for the original watch welcomes your appreciation.

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ABF Franck Muller V45 yacht series
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