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ABF FranckMuller V32 series


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ABF FranckMuller V32 series
1. The sun embossed dial or inlaid embossed numerals are exactly the same as the original version
2. One-to-one comparison with the original 32mm case size and three-layer design
3. The bottom cover adopts a waterproof structure that can be consistent with the original version The bottom cover is connected with 4 screws. The structure of the strap is exactly the same as the original version.
4. The silicone strap is softer and more comfortable, and the cost of the lower version on the market is several times lower. There is no one in the market that can be used with the original strap. Only the ABF factory has high-cost investment. R & D to ensure quality
5. Swiss super luminous high-end flower needles are more classy 6 The case of the diamond-encrusted version and the literal 100% use high-quality hand-inlaid brick technology Swarovski crystal diamonds perfectly shine The ordinary version in the market is glued to the stone The quality of the effect and the hands-on experience are very poor. It’s completely fake at a glance #找证ABFProductionFocus on more perfect replica FM

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ABF FranckMuller V32 series
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