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    Clean Rolex Greenwich 126711GMT Mesa ring

    Comparison of ceramic ring font details, 12 o’clock triangle part, top corner, and bottom corner part, pointed Corner positions

    All corners are rounded. Consistent with the original.

    The depth of the font is only one aspect. The original process is that the bottom of the font is 90 degrees perpendicular to the straight body of the font.

    To achieve this effect, it can only be molded in one piece , laser typing will have beveled edges, and a series of problems such as

    rough shading and edge collapse.

    The depth of the font is consistent with the original one, sinking 0.13mm. In addition, the edges of the font are rounded and polished.

    The color of the electroplating has also been digitally adjusted. Most of the colors on the market are pure gold, and the real ones are slightly red.

    In terms of perception, it will be much more comfortable.

    The appearance of the case is all made of 904L case body, which perfectly restores the entire shell shape of gmt and corrects the feel of gmt turning circle. The crown

    The head part is also displayed, embossing the crown effect. It adopts the same 3186 movement as the original version.

    The bottom cover part is also consistent with the original version, polished, brushed, and the bottom of the case is brushed. The degree of fit between the bottom cover and the case

    is almost the same. The gap between the crown and the case can be compared by itself. In the inner shadow part, the entire series corrects the tail of the letter “R”, which is slightly raised. If you really want to nitpick, it is the inner shadow part, the shading is not as delicate as the original version

    , limited by domestic laser technology and equipment.

    This time, factory C launched the gold model gmt116713, because the first original version was completely damaged

    , so I bought another one temporarily, and there will be details in the details little difference. However, in the process of comparison,

    will still be compared in the form of pictures and texts, and will not avoid the important ones. Although there will be differences in the details of the authentic version

    , the overall process will not If there is too much deviation, every model in the future will be presented to watch friends in this way of comparing true and false


    Because of the version difference, the calendar font will be different. I hope to understand this. In addition to making ceramic

    ring mouths, C factory also pays attention to the printing of dial fonts and calendars. The most important. Because of the limitation of the number of pages

    , I will not repeat them one by one.

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Clean Rolex Greenwich 126711GMT Inter-Mesas Circle
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