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Clean Rolex Yacht Collection


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    Clean Rolex Yacht Series

    CLEAN/c factory launched the yacht 40mm series rose gold version Recently launched2. The gray surface on the left appears to have a large color difference because it is in a soft box, but under natural light, the similarity is as high as 95%, and the natural light will be released later for comparison.
    3. The blue surface on the right side is slightly lighter in blue compared to the original product from Factory C. Of course, the characteristic of the radial pattern disk surface is that the colors displayed under different light are different. To be precise, the RGB color value On a benchmark, the whole will not have too much deviation. Because factory c uses the same pvd plating process as the genuine product on the entire radial pattern dial, such as the water ghost dial, various log dials, and this yacht dial, which involves color radiation patterns. The advantage is that the color of the shipment is guaranteed to be consistent There will be differences in tone due to different batches. In addition, the coating is thin, and the sun pattern on the bottom can be clearly seen. But it is costly.
    4. This time, the bezel adopts electroplated PVD platinum + anti-fingerprint coating, and the material of the bezel is also changed from ordinary brass to stainless steel. That is to say, even if there is a bump on the bezel, the electroplating layer will be damaged. The background color is exposed, and it is the same as platinum and gold. But the hardness of fine steel is higher than that of general copper. It is also in terms of processing and cost.

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Clean Rolex Yacht Collection
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