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Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE series


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Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE series 6002 M QZ ladies quartz watch. The polished case (size 32.7×32.7mm) made of imported 316L stainless steel is elegant but dynamic. The curved design of the case is more suitable for daily wear and comfortable to the hand in addition to its personality. The bottom cover is carved with CNC numerical control, and the precision perfectly restores the original product! The movement is exactly the same as the original Rhonda quartz movement imported from Switzerland (the Rhonda movement is made in Switzerland and the Far East (Thailand), only the ones made in Switzerland have rubies, and the ones made in the Far East have no rubies). All accessories are interchangeable with the original, including the movement! Really give it a special counter, it is genuine! Make a watch, we are serious

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Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE series
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