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GM Rolex GMT Greenwich ll “meteorite face” model.


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GM Rolex Greenwich ll “meteorite face” model. GM launched the “exclusive” 2019 GMT all-in-one machine: cal:3285 movement is made of authentic imported 904L raw materials such as forging and grinding, adheres to the promise of not using ordinary steel as fish, and is equipped with the same functional movement integrated with the original version of cal.3285 , which is reflected in the following:
1. The same GMT dual time zone hand as the original is on the second layer above the bottom hour hand, and the order from bottom to top is: hour hand-dual time zone hand-minute-second.
2. Same as the original version, adjust the calendar function by debugging the fast jump of the hour hand.
3. The silver-gray surface of the meteorite is close to the original version, and the calendar frame is a metal frame with exquisite workmanship. The dazzling “red and blue” real ceramic bezel of the Rolex GMT-Master II adopts high-precision high-temperature firing and splicing technology, as well as laser-engraved neat dual time zone scales, which are filled with platinum plating on the scales to show more elegance and luxury. ! The overall look and feel shows a sense of low-key and luxury!

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GM Rolex GMT Greenwich ll “meteorite face” model.
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