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IPK Rolex Rainbow Daytona Series


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IPK Rolex Rainbow Daytona Series

IPK Rainbow Daytona is dedicated to creating the Rolex color Rolex Rainbow Daytona Rainbow Daytona Using the original effect, heavy gold for research and development, exquisite workmanship, the special effects of gold crystals on the three independent chronograph dials are unique, the charming reflective effect and magnificent colors fully demonstrate the graceful structure of gold crystals, each piece is natural A masterpiece of art. The color of the golden crystal chronograph dial is in sharp contrast with the black dial, and it complements the color of the gemstones. With the diamond-studded hour markers and gold hands, the entire dial is full of brilliance and the overall beauty is overwhelming. Rolex’s most popular Cosmograph Daytona model [Case] Made of imported real 904L steel, the same material and model as the genuine product, the steel belt is finely brushed, the color is whiter and brighter, and it is strong and wear-resistant. [Function] The movement still retains a powerful timing function, and it is equipped with a 7750 movement for full-featured timing. [Bezel mouth] The ceramic bezel mouth formed by the new technology is consistent with the original craftsmanship, and the scale effect is deep and round. [Details] The metal mirror surface of the literal strips is processed without any flaws. It uses strong luminous powder imported from Switzerland. The hour and minute hands are groove-cut and filled with glossy black oil, which is not ordinary printing, and the texture is very different. High-transparency sapphire glass, the mirror effect is very high-quality. [Quality] The color adopts A+ high-level electroplating process, which is more stable and anti-oxidation. It is equipped with a natural rubber strap, and the original version is molded.

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IPK Rolex Rainbow Daytona Series
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