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Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series mechanical female grenade


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Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series mechanical female grenade

The new Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series mechanical female grenade was born, saying goodbye to the era of fake movements. Case: 35.6 mm in diameter, the case is made of stainless steel, the entire case is CNC polished, which explains what is finely crafted. A ring of Swarovski diamonds is inlaid on the mouth of the case to show its exquisite beauty, which greatly enhances the aristocratic temperament of the wearer. Dial: The three-dimensional grenade pattern and the regular embossed dial echo each other. The 12 independently molded Arabic numerals are full of three-dimensionality, which is more lively and fashionable when matched. Looking down through the sapphire crystal glass above, it presents a smooth The beauty of coordination.
Strap: The fluororubber strap unique to the grenade highlights its sportiness and fashion sense. It adopts the same grid design as the dial, but the different methods still make the whole watch blend together, which has the same purpose. With the classic folding snap button, the edge of the buckle is polished very well. When you open the button, you can see the English letters of Patek Philippe engraved on the inner buckle. The lettering is of the same size. It is still very clear when viewed through a magnifying glass, which completely complies with the original craftsmanship.
Movement: The bottom cover designed through the bottom, through the high-definition sapphire crystal glass mirror, you can clearly see the overall structure and operation of the movement. The Hi factory uses an exclusive customized Cal.324 movement, which completely restores the original movement Every detail, the two large and small gears on the left and right sides of the center shaft are also perfectly restored, which is currently impossible for other manufacturers.

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Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series mechanical female grenade
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