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PPF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series 5067 watch


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PPF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Series 5067 Wristwatch

PPF is heroic, luxury collection, continuation of classics and remains unchanged——PPF continues to purchase the original PP–5067A watch, disassembles and opens the mold independently. Perfectly restore the PATEK PHILIPPE–5067A full series of quartz watches, bringing the best replica products and ultimate experience on the whole network.


1. The size of the watch is 35.6X7.7mm, and the round octagonal case is consistent with the original , maintaining the retro shape and exquisite polishing.

2. The screw-in crown design and the solid bottom cover match the original version,

3. The bezel is inlaid with 46 Top-quality Swarovski crystals (1 carat in total)

[strap buckle]

1. It is made of the same natural composite rubber (Tropical) material as the original one, which is durable and resistant to seawater erosion and ultraviolet radiation.

2. A perfect clone of Aquanaut’s classic folding clasp, even on very small corners, it is chamfered to ensure the authentic comfort.

【Movement】Swiss quartz movement changed to PPCal.E23-250 core. Stable travel time and long battery life.

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PPF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series 5067 watch
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