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SN Rolex Retro GMT-MASTER (Coke Circle)


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SN Rolex Vintage GMT-MASTER(Coke Circle)

Rolex’s most colorful sports model Nothing is better than GMT-MASTER, that is, the Greenwich type-its development history is not shorter than that of SUB (Ref. 6204 in 1953), and GMT Master was released in 1954 based on Ref. 6202. It can be said that the history of the two is evenly divided. Compared with the appearance of the water ghost that has remained unchanged for a century, Greenwich’s biggest feature is that it is lively and changeable, with a slender figure and a lustful body.

(vintage nail tape-acrylic glass, 2836 machine 40mm)

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SN Rolex Retro GMT-MASTER (Coke Circle)
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