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TW Rolex PHANTOMLAB joint masterpiece crystal series


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TW Rolex PHANTOMLAB Joint Masterpiece Crystal Series

TW-Factory 2021 PHANTOMLAB&ROLEX Joint Masterpiece Crystal Submariner Series Watches is coming! Combining elegant modern aesthetics with superb watchmaking craftsmanship. The case is made of PMMA crystal material (with excellent hardness and wear resistance) to synchronize the original size! Top with Rolex original 3135 movement! The best rubber watch strap imported from Thailand in the market, the buckle that never turns yellow and the same as the original version, the whole watch is ice blue luminous, and the rotating bezel without card, which is different from the market products, and is more crystal clear! It took several months to pursue the beauty of details, unconstrained style and unconstrained style, releasing the unique charm! Inheriting TW’s ingenuity and focusing on premium products!

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TW Rolex PHANTOMLAB joint masterpiece crystal series
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