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V9 Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Ghost King Series


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V9 Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Ghost King Series

The strongest version of the V9 Factory Sea-Dweller 126600 Ghost King series is shockingly launched:

1. Synchronization The original bottom cover is finely brushed, and the screw-in dense bottom design is not the same as those small factories on the market.

2. The ring mouth luminous beads adopt the original stamping technology, say goodbye to glue, and no longer have the criticism of falling off. The ceramic bezel also adopts the latest original stamping technology, the internal structure is perfectly synchronized with the original, and the sound and force of the circle are consistent with the original. The bezel is equipped with a scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic word circle, and the molded scale and numbers are plated with gold with PVD coating technology, matching the 18ct gold material. The dog gnawing teeth pits on the outer circle are polished neatly and in the same depth, with a very good texture, and it will not knock your hands when touched.

3. The side is polished and polished, with texture, and the round button on the left is the exhaust valve. The design of the crown shoulder guard on the right can better protect the safety of the winding crown and the inside of the watch. The crown is equipped with a triple buckle lock triple waterproof system, which can be firmly screwed to the case

4 .The only steel belt on the market is widened at the same time as the original head, making it more comfortable to wear and more perfect in sight (the steel belt of the old version is thinner and narrower). Exquisite, more realistic texture, and has the same level of corrosion resistance and wear resistance as the original.

5. Equipped with a synchronous original movement 3235 all-in-one blue hairspring, the time adjustment function is consistent with the genuine product, and the calendar can be recalled to store kinetic energy for 70 hours.

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V9 Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Ghost King Series
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