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​VS Rolex Submariner Series 116613 watch


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VSRolex Submariner 116613 watch

The highest version 3135 all gold and black/ Blue Water Ghost pre-sale 1, all-in-one care, real authentic modification, accessories copy 2, equipped with a stable 3135 integrated movement, rewriting the history of poor workmanship and unstable quality of the 3135 movement in the market.
3. Long-term reliable detail workmanship, product quality and good after-sales service, do all the details you care about.
4. The real solid needle shaft, top-level polishing, and the details of the pointer are the only version that matches the version.

[Movement] Equipped with Rolex 3135 integrated movement + blue Parachrom hairspring automatic mechanical movement, 3235 movement on the market, 2824/2836 actual kinetic energy storage time is about 38 hours , can only be put on for one night, the actual measurement of the VS movement can be put on for a weekend, the real once and for all!

[Diameter] 40 mm, same as the original thickness of 12.5 mm!

【Solid center shaft】Grinding lettering, top Swiss ice blue luminous, reaching the original luminous effect!

[Mirror] Mirror polished double concave curved sapphire mirror, pure water jet cutting!

[Luminous] Ice blue super bright luminous, the ring mouth luminous bead mirror is double sapphire glass.

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​VS Rolex Submariner Series 116613 watch
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