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RA Rolex 36mmDD gemstone dial series watch


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RA Rolex 36mmDD Gemstone Series Watch

RA.Factory released the ROLEX 36mmDD Gemstone Series Watch 128238, a perfect replica of another new height , let you never forget! The size of the watch is 36mmX12.5 128238. As the DD double calendar series released by Rolex, it continues the excellent features of the family and adds the most fascinating gemstone dial. The RA factory spares no expense to find high-quality natural turquoise, malachite, meteorite, and rhinestones. Try to achieve the essence of the original dial. Among them, the turquoise model is the same model as Yang Mi!
1. The head grain part of the case linking the strap is also the most difficult part. The same 5 pieces of stitching joints as the original one are used to achieve the effect of the curvature of the strap fitting the wrist.
2. The buckle adopts a head-type concealed buckle, which makes it easier for you to open the strap and adjust it to meet your different wearing needs.
3. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, with an anti-glare sapphire glass mirror, a double-layer screw-in crown, and all data materials are scanned and compared with genuine products.
4. The movement adopts the 2834 dual-calendar self-winding movement with excellent stability in Hangzhou. It has a good heart, long power, stable travel time, and no after-sales worries.
5. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a three-dimensional crown logo, the day window of the calendar window is a three-dimensional flower approval window, the watch hands are advanced flower approval hands, and the second hand adopts solid core three-dimensional central axis technology, which fully demonstrates the super high level of craftsmanship.
6. The natural turquoise and natural malachite disks are made of imported natural gemstone materials and are carefully processed by professional masters. Each hour marker is milled out and polished by CNC alone, instead of ordinary sticky stones on the market! The cost is extremely high, and this method is unique in the craft market.
7. The meteorite material of the meteorite dial is made of outer space meteorite purchased at a high price. The Wisden pattern texture of each dial is clear. 6H9H is matched with rectangular bar diamond scales, and the rest are rock sugar square diamond scales, highlighting the noble atmosphere.
8. The starry dial is paved with 388 top-level rhinestones, and the arrangement is the same as the original one. With 10 specially customized colored long-shaped gemstones, the whole watch is full of brilliance and extravagance.
9. The original consistent multiple magnifying glass calendar window, super permeability
10. The whole watch of RA factory is equipped with a unique one-piece transparent protective box, so that the watch can be protected when it is idle. The function travel time is accurate and stable, and the appearance is original data scanning! Super A-level replica, charming appearance, worthy of your repeated play!

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RA Rolex 36mmDD gemstone dial series watch
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