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VS Rolex Yacht-Master hidden model 226679TBR


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    VR Rolex Yacht-Master Hidden Model 226679TBR

    VR Factory Rolex YM-Yacht-Master Series! The hidden model 226679TBR is officially launched, and the new M126679SABR-0002 is a global limited edition!


    1. The diameter is 40MM!

    2. The buckle and case are both cast from imported 904L steel, and the tape version is synchronized with the original upgraded pull buckle and can be adjusted (the details of grinding and polishing are very delicate) and it feels full!

    3. The outer ring is inlaid with T-shaped rock sugar diamonds, which skillfully condenses these precious moments on the wrist, presenting a pleasing watch masterpiece. Inspired by the northern lights and the morning sun, the outer ring of the watch is inlaid with diamonds and sapphires, and the blue, silver and pink colors complement each other. After strict screening, the color, size, and fire are guaranteed to be unified, and it is specially inlaid with jewelry-level inlay technology!

    4. Combined with the original 3135 blue hairspring all-in-one machine, the stability is strong!

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VS Rolex Yacht-Master hidden model 226679TBR
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