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ABF Franck Muller Vanguard V45 series diamond digital breakthrough upgrade:

< p>1. Open the mold with the original package 1:1 Diamond-encrusted upgrade adopts fully imported Swarovski crystal stones and real diamonds are almost the same under a 50 times magnifying glass Horizontal and vertical symmetrical upgrade V2 version

2. The literal calendar window is consistent with the original version with a magnifying glass placed, which is the biggest difference from the low-end version on the market!

3. The hands of the watch are firstly made of multicolored emery, which is extremely finely brushed, and then the needle of the vacuum electric gun color is bent to be 100% consistent with the original radian to better fit the literal radian

4. The buckle adopts the original mold opening and the diamond-encrusted pin buckle that is consistent with the original V45 baby’s breath. It is more convenient to wear and restore the original version to the maximum extent. 5. Equipped with ETA2824 movement with high frequency and amplitude of 28800, the travel time is accurate, the quality is stable, and the arc-shaped case design is close to the wrist.
6. The upgraded version of the steel calendar and high-grade rubber strap is softer and more comfortable. The only version in the market can be used for the original watch. Strap.

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ABF Franck Muller Franck Muller V45 SC DT series
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